Our 2016 season is ending on June 26, Sunday, at 5 PM. We have some blackberries until then.  Figs available on call.  Persimmons in the fall on call.  Thanks for visiting our site and farm!

Eight varieties of cherries and ten varieties of berries make a taste match for the whole family.

The American River Cherry Company is a U-pick berry and cherry farm owned and managed by the Rice family since 1994.The adjacent Koi pond with available fish food and lively Koi makes feeding the fish an exciting time for all. The spacious one acre lawn under tall pine trees with a hammock, picnic tables, and adjacent orchards create an idyllic family picnic opportunity!

A "U-Pick" berry and cherry farm

Our Prices

U-Pick whatever you like.   Or you can select from our picked batches.

Company History

Originated in 1990 as a commercially picked farm.  Featured in Sunset Magazine.

Family History

Owned and managed by the Rice family since 1994.